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Ten-Hut! Veterans Make Great Franchisees!

A Veteran Franchisee in front of his new franchise with his family

It probably comes as no big surprise that Veterans make great franchisees. Afterall, veterans are great at almost any career they choose. They seem to earn more accolades and more advancement opportunities, and often earn higher salaries than people with similar capabilities who didn’t serve our great country.

According to The International Franchise Association veterans account for only about 7% of the population, but a whopping 14% of franchisees are veterans. Veterans are naturally inclined to become franchisees, and there are clear reasons why they excel in this role and make great franchisees.


Reason 1: Veterans Have Great Work Ethic

A veteran’s military background instills a strong work ethic, discipline, and attention to detail, which are all crucial traits for running a successful franchise. To win at franchising, one must have the grit, determination, and unparalleled stick-to-itism to make their business ownership dream a reality. No one is better equipped for this than a veteran. 


Reasons 2 & 3: Veterans are Great Leaders Who Excel Under Pressure

These two traits go hand in hand, so we had to keep these reasons together. Veterans possess exceptional leadership and teamwork skills. They are accustomed to working in diverse and high-pressure environments, making them adept at managing employees and handling challenging situations. These qualities translate well into franchise ownership, where effective leadership is essential for success.


Reason 4: Veterans are Trainable

Veterans are accustomed to following systems and procedures, making them well-suited for the structured nature of franchising. Franchising is all about following a successful model to the T. Do what is laid out for you and you will triumph.


Reason 5: Veterans are Driven by Goals

Veterans have been trained to follow the steps to achieve a goal. Whether it be a personal goal, or a goal for their entire unit or organization, all of their training has prepared them to set goals and surpass them. In franchising, and entrepreneurship, nothing happens without measurable and achievable goals.


When it comes to pursuing franchise ownership, veterans should assess their skills, interests, and personal goals to find a franchise that aligns with their strengths and passions; and fits with their financial goals. Conducting thorough research on various franchise opportunities is crucial to find the right fit. We’ve got an assessment to help you find out if you’re right for franchise ownership – and which type of franchise may be best. It takes about 10 minutes and it’s free! Take the franchisee assessment here. 


PS – There are many franchisors who offer veteran discounts and even some programs to help veterans become business owners. The best news – you don’t have to enter entrepreneurship alone. We’re here to help and our services are free to veterans and civilians!




About the Authors

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We hope our franchise resources will help you, and we hope to quickly become your new favorite franchise experts! If you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask!  

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