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Jennifer & Matt Lucas - Franchise Consul

The Most Sought After
Help to Buy a Franchise 

Hello! We’re Jennifer & Matt Lucas, founders of The Franchising Company. We’ve been helping people like you find the perfect franchise for over a decade. We’ve worked in the corporate world, we’ve started companies from scratch, we’ve sold companies, we’ve franchised companies, and we’ve owned franchises.

We’re here to help you find all the franchise information you need and hope to become your new favorite franchise consultants!

But our passion, what we really love to do, is to help you navigate the journey to franchise ownership!

What are franchise consultants and franchise brokers?

More importantly, why do you need one?

New Franchise Grand Opening with The Franchising Company - Jennifer & Matt Franchise Consu

Franchise brokers, also called franchise consultants, are quite similar to a realtor when you buy a home.


Everyone knows when you use a realtor to buy your home, you, as the buyer, don’t pay a thing, and you benefit from that realtor’s knowledge, access, resources, and probably even get a better price on your new home.


The same holds true for using a franchise broker. You don’t pay a penny, you find better franchise deals, and you get loads of expert advice! You benefit from quick access to thousands of franchises, the knowledge required to ask the right questions, and you get the benefit of a network of all the franchise professionals you need to get the best return on your investment!

You could explore franchises on your own. But why?

When it comes to choosing a franchise broker,

We have a lot of experience. Over a decade, and we’ve even won awards the past three years running.


Our proven process to help you buy a franchise will save you time, help you avoid frustration, and streamline your search for franchise opportunities.


We give you as much or as little help as you need, connect you with our network of franchise resources, set you up with experienced franchisees you can talk to, and give you all the support you need to make a smart decision about your new business. All for FREE. 

Getting started is easy. It starts with a simple call or click! 

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It's easy to start your franchise journey.

We understand forms aren't for everyone, feel free to give us a call instead! 


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