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Entrepreneurs buying a franchise

Everything You Need to Know
to Fund a Franchise

Buying a franchise is the perfect solution when you've dreamed of owning a business or being your own boss.

Before you dive in, however, it's important to know how much time and money you'll need to invest.

AND if the time and money you invest will be worth the income potential your chosen franchise can offer you.

At The Franchising Company, we help you uncover your dream franchise’s income potential and show you ways to fund your franchise as quickly, easily, and affordably as possible.

Financial Analyst

Common Ways to Fund a Franchise

Cash & Savings

Cash Reserves | 401ks | Stocks | Etc. 


While cash is the simplest, and most common way to fund your franchise dream, it's not always an option. But don't let your savings (or lack of) kill your franchise dreams. We can help you figure out what you need and get you on the path to franchise ownership! 

Loans & Grants

SBA Loans | Unsecured Loans | Grants


Loans are a great way to get the money you need to fund your franchise dream. The SBA offers many low interest options, you could consider a home equity line or unsecured loan, or there may even be grants available to get your dream business started. We can help you navigate all the options at your disposal! 

3rd Party Options

Family | Crowd Funding | Investors

While many people consider borrowing funds from friends or family, few think outside the box to consider crowd funding (like GoFundMe) or seeking investors. However, some franchisors will not accept this type of funding - so be sure to do your research on what your chosen franchisor will or will not allow. We can help you! 

Your dream franchise is just a click away. Take a look!

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Get answers to all your franchise funding questions! 

We understand forms aren't for everyone, feel free to give us a call instead! 


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