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5 Things You'll Be Glad to Know Before Buying a Franchise

Jennifer & Matt Lucas with 5 Things You'll Be Glad to Know Before Buying a Franchise

We were recently featured by Authority Magazine for a story called "Five Things I Wish I Knew Before Opening A Franchise."

We absolutely loved the opportunity to work with Cynthia Corsetti, Yitzi Wiener, and the whole editorial team. They asked some really great questions about franchising - and uncovered some great pitfalls to avoid, must-know tips, and success stories. We weren't the only ones they interviewed. They also interviewed several successful serial franchisees to get their perspectives.

If you missed the article - here's a recap of what we believe are the 5 Things You'll Be Glad to Know Before Buying a Franchise:

  1. Research is key - Research multiple franchise opportunities and do a very deep dive on the few that interest you the most.

  2. Financial planning is essential - It's more than just finding funds to invest, be sure to build a clear picture of what your ROI will look like and when you may be profitable.

  3. Support matters - One of the single biggest advantages of a franchise is the support they provide. Great franchises provide business support and a network of like-minded franchisees.

  4. Location is everything - Be sure to look deeply at the available markets, analyze the competitive landscape, and see how other businesses are doing.

  5. You don't have to do it alone - There are professionals out there to help you every step of the way.

Read the full "Five Things I Wish I Knew Before Opening a Franchise" article. Tell us what you think!



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