The Fran Beat | Franchise vs Startup

Should you invest in a Franchise or try to start your own business? It’s a good question. Well let us rephrase – it’s a very common question. We get it a lot. For us the answer is easy: Invest in a franchise. 

The Fran Beat | Franchising Is Hot

Since COVID-19 crashed our shores, the franchising space has been on fire. As many are leaving the traditional 9-to-5 job, they are turning to the franchise world as an alternative. If you’re one of them – well, we can help.  Our help begins with understanding YOUR why. Why are you considering the change? What is your pain or inspiration?  

The Fran Beat | How We Help YOU Find the Right Opportunity

  Hi there and welcome to the 2021 Year-End Newsletter. Just like that, 2021 is over. #mindblown  2021 – wow, what a year it has been! SO much has happened. Perhaps one of the biggest trends we’ve seen this year – people leaving the workforce. In fact, 2021 could be considered the year of the great resignation. Check this…

The Fran Beat (Featuring Franchise Networks)

This month we are doing something a little differently. Instead of featuring brands, we’re going to talk about Franchise Networks. What are they? And more importantly, why they might just give you the rocket boost you need to take your moonshot. 🚀

The Fran Beat ( Featuring Mathnasium)

“Kids don’t hate math, they hate feeling confused, intimidated, and embarrassed by math.” Larry Martinek, Founder of Mathnasium Well, in many parts of the country…school is back in session. How did we get here so fast is beyond me? But we’re here! And with school comes that four-letter word many of us don’t like: M.A.T.H. 

The Fran Beat (Featuring PestMaster Services & Dryer Vent Wizard)

It’s June and We Are Back with the Fran Beat! Here’s a little fun fact about June: Did you know. June is derived from Juno. And do you know who Juno is? Answer at the end.  We’re excited because we have two “hidden gems” for you. That’s right — two business ideas you may not consider when thinking about investing in a …

The Fran Beat (Featuring America’s Swimming Pool & The Cleaning Authority)

Hi there! We’re back and we’re pretty stoked about this newsletter!  This edition will include two new themes. Drumroll please …🥁 🥁… cleaning & pools!   No eye-rolling. Listen, we know these aren’t sexy industries, but there’s good money to be made here, AND they both run on a recurring revenue model! Meaning, bring customers in, keep them happy, and they’ll continue to …

The Fran Beat (Featuring Send Me A Trainer & Clean Eatz)

Hey, it’s us. Team TFC. For those of you who don’t know us, we’re your friendly Franchise Consultants, at The Franchising Company. (TFC).  You doing okay?  So listen, we are starting a monthly newsletter called: The Fran Beat. This is our first edition. Welcome to the show!  👋